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Predict and Prevent Preeclampsia during Pregnancy.

The problem we are solving

ONE in every TWELVE pregnant women get preeclampsia

Our diagnostic platform will accurately and reliably predict preeclampsia.

Every minute a life is lost due to preeclampsia

Our targeted therapeutic will prevent preeclampsia and save lives: mother and baby.

Cost burden of preeclampsia is  £76.6bn/year

Our services will dramatically  reduce the cost burden of preeclampsia.


Make preeclampsia history within this decade.

About Us


Empower women to transform lives.


MirZyme is using its proprietary diagnostic tools to create companion diagnostics to go with its therapeutic strategies for the management of pregnancy disorders, for which there are no cures.


​MirZyme Therapeutics is an innovative miRNA biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the development and commercialisation of tailored therapeutics to prevent preeclampsia and Small for Gestational Age babies. 

MirZyme brings together world-class researchers who collectively have over 100 years of scientific and clinical expertise. They have successfully discovered pathways to predict and prevent preeclampsia, for which multiple patents have been granted in multiple jurisdictions. 

Our Science

MirZyme has successfully completed preclinical efficacy studies in widely used disease models and has conducted effective, prospective clinical diagnostic studies in humans using the company’s proprietary know-how and intellectual property.


Our pipeline of products 


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