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MirZyme has zero debt and is financed by equity. The company intends to progress each of its pipeline of patented products in a way that those that will generate income in the shorter term can finance the development of those that will take longer to bring to market. If you or your organisation may be interested in investing in MirZyme then please contact us @ for an NDA and access to our data room.

The market



MirZyme has developed the world’s first definitive diagnostic blood test that tells a pregnant woman if she is going to develop preeclampsia. The diagnostic test has completed clinical evaluation in a clinical double blind, randomised prospective study. Early indication is that it will be a complete game changer in obstetric care. The digital diagnostic alone has the potential to reduce perinatal mortality and improve maternal outcomes. MirZyme has a pipeline of medicines under development. Some of these have the potential to become blockbuster drugs, as they will be the world’s first orally available treatments to prevent preeclampsia. Preclinical data show benefit of the lead molecule MZe786 also on fetal health, which is a critical differentiator to other approaches that target only the maternal symptoms. 


The company has successfully transitioned from research into development and will be uniquely offering precision diagnostics and therapeutics to promote healthy pregnancies.

Every minute a life is lost to preeclampsia. Join us in our mission to make preeclampsia history so that the women in our lives can experience a safer and happier pregnancy, and give birth to healthy babies. 

Press releases

MirZyme’s CEO is invited to speak at the European Drug Discovery Innovation conference about our breakthrough innovation in preeclampsia.

The Department of Business and Trade Venture Capital Unit launched Health Tech Showcase. It features 10 cutting-edge, advanced technology companies including MirZyme Therapeutics.

To expand access in the low- to medium-income countries, MirZyme has established a partnership with the Concept Foundation, an NGO who themselves are funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


As statins were a game changer for the heart, MZe786 is likely to be a game changer in preventing preeclampsia. It has the potential to one become a blockbuster drug for pregnant women at risk of preeclampsia. 

Our team’s peer reviewed preclinical data show the benefits of MZe786 on fetal health and maternal health, which is a critical differentiator to other approaches that target only the maternal symptoms

Each day that we delay,
mothers-to-be pass away.

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MirZyme Team is congratulated by the CEO of Nachural for winning the International Business of The Year at The Nachural Entrepreneurship Awards 2023.

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