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Saving the Lives of Mothers and Babies - Webinar

The month of May is Preeclampsia Awareness Month. Through a series of webinars, discussions and workshops, MirZyme is raising awareness for this life-threatening disorder of pregnancy.

In collaboration with University of Southampton and experts across the globe, the first webinar will be on Monday the 17th May 2021 at 4pm British Standard Time. After the speakers have given their expert opinions, there will be an opportunity for the audience participation in Q&A with the panelists. These webinars will be moderated by Professor Sabu Padmadas who is Professor of Demography and Global Health at the University of Southampton.

The speakers for this webinar are:

  • Dr. Swati Agarwal

  • Dr May Rezai

  • Dr Carolyn Fahm

  • Professor Asif Ahmed

You can join us on this webinar through zoom (ZOOM Meeting ID: 867 7166 5976 or through This Link )

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