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Lord Oxmantown Joins MirZyme as Global Ambassador to help make preeclampsia history!

MirZyme, a leading UK-based FemTech dedicated to addressing pregnancy complications, proudly announces the appointment of Lord Oxmantown (Laurence Patrick Parsons) as its Global Ambassador. With a rich history in international work, Lord Oxmantown brings a unique perspective and unwavering commitment to raising awareness about pregnancy complications, particularly in preeclampsia.

Reflecting on the challenges of poverty and maternal health risks he witnessed in his early years in Iran and Bangladesh, where his father served with the United Nations, Lord

Oxmantown's career has spanned the US, Europe, and over 15 years in China, establishing him as a true global citizen. His personal commitment to MirZyme is driven by a deep desire to ensure the safety of women, including his own family, from the risks of preeclampsia during pregnancy.

MirZyme is delighted to welcome Lord Oxmantown as its first Global Ambassador. His

enthusiasm, determination, and global insights will significantly contribute to increasing

awareness of preeclampsia among the public and governments. In his role, Lord Oxmantown aims to leverage his diverse background to elevate awareness of the dangers associated with pregnancy, drawing on his family's experiences and global perspective.

Professor Asif Ahmed, the founder and executive chairman, expressed his delight, stating, “I am delighted to welcome Lord Oxmantown to join us as our Global Ambassador. Drawing from his family’s legacy in cutting-edge scientific discoveries, Lord Oxmantown brings a tradition of excellence to further our global impact.”

Lord Oxmantown shared his enthusiasm about his appointment, stating, “I am deeply

honoured to serve as MirZyme's Global Ambassador. My commitment to raising awareness about pregnancy complications, inspired by personal experiences and a global perspective, aligns seamlessly with MirZyme's mission. Grateful for this impactful journey.

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