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CEO Nominated for Businessman of The Year

CEO of Mirzyme Professor Asif Ahmed ( has been nominated for Birmingham Buisnessman Of The Year 2022. He is a world-renowned vascular scientist, Founder and Executive Chairman of MirZyme Therapeutics whose mission is to eradicate pre-eclampsia, a life-threatening disease of pregnancy that kills 80,000 women and half a million babies each year as well as increasingthe morbidity of survivors by creating future chronic health conditions. Whilst simultaneously undertaking his research, Professor Ahmed successfully launched a financially viable and socially impactful startup in the form of Aston Medical School, after which he decided to shift his full focus towards making pre-eclampsia history. His work led to a breakthrough discovery of two protective molecular pathways that prevent pre-eclampsia. He has since moved his science out of the lab and into the spinout company, MirZyme Therapeutics ( The company has 10 patents granted in 30 countries to both predict and prevent pre-eclampsia. After more than 20 years of research and over $40M in competitive grant awards, he and the team at MirZyme have developed a unique diagnostic and therapeutic understanding of pre-eclampsia. This has the potential to cure the disease by enabling the application of the world’s first patient-tailored therapeutics for pre-eclampsia.


The Stanford Study 2020 ranked him in the Top 1% of scientists in the world and he has been a full professor for over two decades at distinguished research universities including Stanford University. Professor Ahmed’s business and managerial acumen is self-evident as the founder of the Aston Medical School at Aston University in Birmingham, U.K. and was its inaugural Executive Dean and Pro-Vice-Chancellor. Professor Ahmed is also the Senior Adviser to the President of the University of Southampton.


Nominator Mr Shahid Sheikh OBE (left) & nominee Professor Asif Ahmed (right)

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